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Seat Covers:

You are welcome to choose from several levels of precision too. Thus, if you want to get form-fitting covers, then custom-tailored seat covers are your choice. Designed to follow each single curve of your seats and not to interfere with deployment of the airbags, the custom seat covers we stock will certainly fit right in. However, if you need a more affordable option, consider universal covers. Get a product that fits both your vehicle and your pocket and provides the level of protection you need.

Dash Trim:

There's something about the effect the right wood dash kit has on the interior. It just explodes with a luxurious sensibility that livens up the entire vehicle. Real and composite wood veneers, factory-match woods, and synthetic materials are available for most makes and models. Wood dash kits simply provide a fuller look to the inside of your vehicle, increasing its value and adding a feeling of comfort.

Carbon Fiber Dash Kits are all about injecting a sporty tone on your dash. Carbon fiber is an extremely strong material most often seen in race cars because of its light weight and pliability. These kits are available at CARiD in a spectrum of colors including silver, red, blue, and original carbon fiber color. They all are coated with polyurethane for a glossy finish as well as added protection.

Custom Wheel & Tire:

When you are about to invest in custom wheels you want to get the best bang for the buck, which is why we ensure that all of the rims we've selected for you are made by the names you can trust. We have every rim for just about any application out there. Custom rims and factory wheels, alloy and forged rims, wheel accessories, and tires - all that is gathered here. Whatever vehicle you own, a luxury sedan, heavy-duty truck, or comfortable SUV, we have the right aftermarket wheels to add a sleek accent to its overall look, and let you collect admiring gazes wherever you go. At CARiD.com, we showcase the latest online catalog of custom rims and car tiresmanufactured by the most reputable names in the industry. You are welcome to choose from hundreds of finishes, including shiny chrome and captivating black, and from myriads of size options, from elegant 18 inch rims to gargantuan 28" wheels. All of the custom wheels available for your vehicle are gathered here, under one roof. And when ordering a wheel and tire package, you also get free mounting and balancing, which saves both your time and money. We use state-of-the-art mounting and balancing equipment to make sure that the products you get are reliable and efficient. Which is why, as soon as you receive your wheel and tire package, you are ready to outfit your vehicle and hit the road. And if you happen to have any questions or need more info, do not hesitate and contact us 904-766-2111.

Stereos, Amplifiers and Speakers:

Driving is fun but it is made a lot more fun when you have the best possible environment in which to do it. Vehicle manufacturers take big steps toward comfort with comfortable seats, easy-access buttons and switches on the dash, and all sorts of little touches that can make big differences. However, one thing often forgotten is the music, which is sad because a great sound can make a journey so much more memorable. Sometimes your original stereo is not quite up to scratch, and you want something to go way beyond what any vehicle manufacturer would ever consider installing in a vehicle. So you need an aftermarket stereo, which allows you to get the right sound from your vehicle whether you are looking to add speakers or just use the current ones. Your stereo head unit is where all the music starts, so you need to make sure you are getting the best one you can find.

We can't imagine being in a vehicle without music playing through the speakers. The speakers stand between you and perfect sound quality of your audio system. A traditional unit comprises the following components: suspension, diaphragm (aka cone), dust cap, voice coil, magnet, spider, and basket. This is how everything works: when the electrical current flows through the voice coil, it changes direction, thus reversing the coil's polar orientation.The dash, doors, and the rear deck are the most common locations for car speakers. In some vehicles, they can sit in the kick panel, under the sit or in the trunk. The devices are usually connected to the car audio system by wires or they can be wireless. The speakers are characterized by different ratings but the RMS (root mean square) power rating is the most important one because it shows the amount of power the speaker handles for long periods of time.

Subwoofers, designed to reproduce low frequencies, have found their place in many corporate and consumer audio systems: they have moved from extensive use in recording studios to movie theatres, and finally to home and car audio systems. Today, there are hundreds and thousands of various car subwoofers for premium sound bass while on the go; and We offers the most powerful parts for you to choose from.

When it comes to making your vehicle as comfortable as it can be, music is an important part of it. You want to have the best possible sound coming from your speakers so you can enjoy even the longest trip, which is why you need to install an amplifier and better speakers to get the most from a great system. We have all amplifiers and their related components so you can easily find everything you need to have the perfect sound system.We aim to provide our customers with the finest Car Amplifiers the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Pioneer, Kenwood, MB Quart, Lanzar, Precision Power, Audiopipe, Polk Audio, Audiobahn, JBL, Autotek, BOSS, Infinity, Crunch, Hifonics, Sound Storm Lab, Planet Audio, American Hi Fi, Power Acoustik, Pyle, American Bass, Pyramid the Car Amplifiers we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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